What to Expect, 1st Time Pointe Shoe Fitting
Mary Carpenter – Master Pointe Shoe Fitter

What to Expect, 1st Time Pointe Shoe Fitting

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Mary Carpenter, master pointe shoe fitter & creator of ‘DancewithmaryNYC’, discusses what to expect at your 1st pointe shoe fitting.

Mary Carpenter has been fitting pointe shoes for over 20 years. She trained under a Repetto master fitter and has worked for Capezio and Gaynor Minden. Ms. Carpenter started the YouTube channel "Dance with Mary" in 2015 to offer tutorials for pointe shoe wearers. She does fittings by appointment at the Chacott by Freed of London store in New York. Ms. Carpenter is originally from Cincinnati, Ohio, she trained at College Conservatory of Music, Butler University and the David Howard Dance Center. She has danced for Lexington Ballet, Maryland Ballet and the Metropolitan Opera, among other dance and theater companies. She currently teaches ballet and Pilates at Barnard College, New School University, Steps and The School at Steps.


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