Grand Rond de Jambe
Jean-Lucien Massot – Ballet Master The Royal Danish Ballet

Grand Rond de Jambe

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The Royal Danish Ballet’s Jean-Jucien Massot discusses how to improve your grand rond de jambe, beautifully demonstrated by Royal Danish Ballet Soloist Andreas Kaas.

"In a grand rond de jambe, bring the leg to écarté before going to arabesque."
Jean-Lucien Massot was born 1972 in Orange, France. Massot was admitted to the Avignon Conservatory in 1982. In 1989 he joined the Deutsche Oper in Berlin as an apprentice and was promoted to soloist in 1992. Massot joined The Royal Danish Ballet in 1994 where he was a beloved principal dancer until his retirement in 2012. Jean-Lucien Massot performed extensively at gala performances throughout Europe, South America, Japan and Australia. Principal awards and honors: The Gold Medal at the competition hosted by the French Conservatories in 1988 and 1989, the Fondation de la danse Award in 1988, the Medal of Avignon in 2000, and the Albert Goubier Foundation Grant in 2002. Jean-Lucien Massot is currently a Ballet Master and teacher for The Royal Danish Ballet.


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